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3-way stopcock

3-way stopcock

1. Device body is made of medical grade polypropylene and Polycarbonate.
2. The product is composed of protective cap, locking screw, valve body, valve knob, and locking cover. The product is disposable and sterilized with ethylene oxide.
3. This product is installed on the pipeline of infusion (blood transfusion) sets and used as a multi-way infusion switch.
4. The structure is simple, the connection is convenient, the fixation is reliable, and the good sealing performance is ensured. It can be used in conjunction with other medical devices.
5. It can be used for intravenous injection or transfusion to the human body to ensure the high-speed delivery and ensures the cleanliness of the injection.
6. The product is provided with red and blue logo caps, which is convenient for medical personnel to distinguish when using this product intravenously and intra-arterially.
7. Pyrogen-free,Toxic-free,BPA free,DEHP free.Sterilized by EO gas.

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    ItemREF. No.Primary packagingQTY./Secondary packaging(pcs)QTY./Storage packaging(pcs)Storage packaging dimension(cm)
    3-way stopcockE3SCblister pouch20100044*20*53

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