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Disposable Medical Sterile Insulin Hypodermic Syringe Needle Sterile with CE

Disposable Medical Sterile Insulin Hypodermic Syringe Needle Sterile with CE

1. The needle is composed of needle hub, needle cannula and protective cap. The materials used meet the medical requirements.
2. Needle hub and protective cap(sheath) are made of medical grade polypropylene.The material is provided by Borouge,SINOPEC or CNPC.
3. Steel cannula is made of medical grade SUS304(steel cannula).Nipro or Terumo needle is available.
4. This product is suitable for injection into human skin, subcutaneous, muscle, vein, etc.
5. The needle tube adopts the international popular thin wall tube design, with large inner diameter and high flow rate.
6. Fine design of needle tip, good sharpness of three blade structure, fast needle puncture, less pain and less tissue damage.
7. 6:100 conical fitting produced according to international standards, with accurate size, be compatible with medical devices.
8. The specification identified by color of needle hub, easy to distinguish and use, with translucent design, easy to observe.
9. Pyrogen-free,Toxic-free,BPA free,DEHP free.Sterilized by EO gas or Gamma radiation(different material from normal).
10. IFU is available.

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    OD(mm)General sizeREF. No.Color codePrimary packagingQTY./Secondary packaging (pcs)QTY./Storage packaging (pcs)Storage packaging dimension (cm)
    0.330Gx1/2"(13mm)EHN30/12Light yellowblister1001000050*38*42
    0.3628Gx1/2"(13mm)EHN28/12Blue green
    0.427Gx1/2"(13mm)EHN27/12Medium grey
    0.5524Gx3/4"(19mm)EHN24/34Medium purple
    0.623Gx1"(25mm)EHN23/1Dark blue
    0.722Gx1 1/4"(32mm)EHN22/114Black
    0.821Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN18/112Dark green
    0.920Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN20/112Yellow
    1.119Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN19/112Cream
    1.218Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN18/112Pink
    1.318Gx1 4/5"(45mm)EHN18/145Pink
    1.616Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN16/112White
    1.815Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN15/112Blue grey
    2.114Gx1 1/2"(38mm)EHN14/112Light green

    NameScalp vein set
    MaterialMedical Grade PVC
    ComponentTube, wing, connector
    butterfly wing and single wing
    Cannulasharp and strong needle cannula
    Connector tipluer slip
    SterileEO gas
    CertificateCE & ISO
    Expired Periof2 years
    MOQ20,000 pcs
    Supply Ability100,000 pcs
    Payment TermT/T, FOB shanghai
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