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The application of the disposable Sterile injection-needles
View:782 Jul 08, 2019  

Disposable Sterile injection-needles, one of the medical tools that enter the skin, is a very thin hollow tube with a small opening at the tip. It is usually used in conjunction with syringes and manual devices with plungers to inject substances into or extract liquids from the body. They are used to collect liquid samples from the body, such as blood from veins during venipuncture. Large-caliber subcutaneous intervention is especially suitable for catastrophic hemorrhage or shock treatment. Disposable Sterile injection-needles are used to deliver fluids quickly, either when the injected substance cannot be ingested, or because it will not be absorbed, or because it will damage the liver. There are many possible injection routes, and the arm is a common location.

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Disposable Sterile injection-needles also play an important role in research environments requiring aseptic conditions. Subcutaneous injection needles significantly reduce contamination during inoculation with sterile substrates. There are two reasons why the hypodermic needle reduces pollution: first, its surface is very smooth, which can prevent airborne pathogens from being trapped between irregular needle surfaces and then transferred to the media as pollutants; second, the needle surface is very sharp, which significantly reduces the diameter of the hole left behind by the puncture membrane, from to prevent microorganisms larger than the hole from contaminating the substrate. It is widely used in medical equipment.

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