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Notes for disposable sterile light syringe
View:757 Jul 03, 2019  

Disposable sterile light syringe is a disposable syringe. It is made of high-molecular polypropylene material. It is divided into three-piece and two-piece. The three-piece structure is composed of core rod, rubber stopper, three outer casings, injection needle and outer packaging. The two-piece structure is composed of a core rod, a jacket, an injection needle, and an outer package.

disposable sterile light syringe

Medical needles and disposable sterile light syringe should be sterilized with ethylene oxide. Sterile, no heat source. The syringe model is divided into a syringe and a drug dissolver. The syringe can be used for dissolving the drug. Because the needle of the drug dissolver is thick, the drug dissolver cannot be used for human injection without replacing the fine needle. The needles of the needle 9-12 are both For the drug dissolver. The syringe is packaged in plastic bag or paper-plastic package. The name must be indicated on the package. The standard, type and model of the product, the batch number, whether it is with a needle, the date of manufacture, whether it is sterilized by ethylene oxide, the sterilization period is valid, pay attention to Matters, manufacturers and manufacturers information.

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